Download That One Song!

So I tried to do a silly/angst-ridden song about Reichenbach for the Baker Street Babes, but it came out more let’s-all-die-from-sadness/angst-ridden. They had it on their last episode, brilliant and symmetrical wonderladies that they are, and a handful of folks have been asking for a download.

So here’s a download link!

Sorry it took so long to get out, I wanted to re-do it for guitar-tuning purposes, and then my power went out, and then I had school, and then I had more excuses.

(But on the note of things-it’s-taking-me-too-long-to-do, I’m finishing recording the last two things for the Compendium today, and you guys, the chords book to go with it is looking so beautiful, and you should throw love at owlett starting now, because you’re going to want to beat the rush. It’s adorable. Seriously.)

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    Downloaded on a whim, but found it seriously amazing. My heart, the lyrics
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    I love it!
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    Listen and have some crys.
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    This woman is crazy amazing and I never ever ever tire of listening to her genius. Do yourself a favour and sway to this...
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    This song is magnificent (just like all the other songs by amazing Caitlin). God, it broke my heart when I first heard...
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    Ohmygod. This is for real? Not, like, .. No words. It’s so good. SO GOOD. < 333
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