Reasons I like Violet Hunter:

  • She is completely unperturbed by Sherlock being dismissive of her at first - she’s like, “Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous to come to you with this, but you’d know straight off the bat if this is some creepy human trafficking ring and not a babysitting gig, and I’m a lady on a time limit. Thanks, bub!”
  • She manages herself in a Creepy As Shit situation for a pretty fuckin’ long time.
  • When she does call up Holmes again, she actually works with him a surprising amount, considering the involvement of a lot of other clients. She’s right there in the thick of it.
  • John is actually really disappointed when Sherlock lets Violet leave, because he was a little bit convinced that she would be a good match for him. After Irene Adler, that would be really interesting to look at in the BBC ‘verse. Because honestly, that means that Violet could be shown to be a lot like John - seemingly ordinary, but has that interesting quirk that means she does swimmingly in a crisis and clicks well with Sherlock. But, of course, Sherlock already has John. 
  • She’s successful as all hell after the case is over. Get. It. Lady.


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    ^THIS. Gosh I love her
  3. owlett said: What glorious ACD case do I need to read to learn more of this magnificent sounding woman? Also <3 towards your “..unspoken dissapointment” SING YOUR FRUSTRATIONS GURL! SING MY ANGEL OF MUSIC! *becomes the Phantom*
  4. waltermeadows said: Awesome. Character. They really need to do the stories with strong female characters already! My favourite Holmes stories happen to be the ones with prominent women characters - I also quite love The melodrama of the Solitary Cyclist :-) Cyclist :-)
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    ALL OF THE ABOVE. Not that anyone would know that I was a fan of hers or anything…
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    Excellently stated! Personally I wouldn’t want Thompson to write her, but Gatiss or Moffat should GET ON THIS. In fact,...
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    YES! All of this!
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  12. curlyfoureyes said: Man, The Copper Beeches could be updated REALLY well and REALLY darkly for the BBC.
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