Nerd Music

I make nerd songs on youtube! You can find some here at my personal channel, but others are on the channel I share with my sisters.

If you like the songs, I’m working on getting them all up for download over on gumroad. If you just want to browse what’s up so far, this is the main page. Here are some places to start out!

The Sherlock Song Compendium, Vol. I [BBC Sherlock] (lyrics & chord book by owlett)

The Family Business [Supernatural] (lyrics and chord book by owlett)

NOTE: All downloads are free! There is a pay option, but don’t let it bully you. I’m happy you’re taking the time to listen to my music, and the only thing that will make me grumpy is if you’re feeling guilt over it. The price is $0. Anything else is icing.

ADDENDUM: Some people who want to throw some money at my music have asked for an option other than gumroad, as the site doesn’t really support non-US credit cards, and they’d be more comfy using a site they’re familiar with, such as PayPal. So I’ve made a donate button, which will live on this page and be linked on the gumroad info boxes. Again, don’t feel obligated! This is just to make things easy on folks who’ve asked for a solution to various things.